Game:  Pixel Gun 3D
Version: 17.0.0  Mega Mod!
Root needed : No
Playstore Link : com.pixel.gun3d

PIXEL GUN 3D MOD Menu APK  17.0.0  MOD & CHEATS It’s not just another shooting experience! Get rewards from a mine, craft in a lobby, play exciting mini-games. Create your own clan, build a personal fort and combat on different maps day and nite on your mobile device.

This is a pocket edition for mobile devices. Now you have a perfect chance to  battle with your friends, classmates and colleagues or anyone else around the world ! You can create and customize your character using a special skins maker and then show off on the battlefield! It is an awesome  pocket FPS shooter  for all kinds of players! 

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK 17.0.0

This is  Pixel Gun , a 3D First Person Shooter! Shooting games in cube (block) graphics where skill is everything. No auto shoot, no auto-scope! Jump, fly, fire, use fighting pets. Create as many skins as you like for free. Mine gems and coins and craft tons of stuff: buildings, decors, backgrounds and a whole lot more.
You can choose from multiple FPS modes: offline campaign with Pixelman, Battle Royale, Flag capture, team battles online or one-on-one duels. 
Fast multiplayer and high FPS is guaranteed.

Hi Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Game Lover’s If you are looking to download  Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Mod Apk (v16.7.1) + Unlimited Money + Obb Data , then congratulations you have come to the right page. On this page, we will know what the Specialty of Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Mod Apk Android Game and it’s Mod Version Apk will provide you one Click  Google Drive Link  to download, so you can easily download  Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition  Android Action Game.

Specialty of Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Mod Apk

This is not just another shooting experience! Get a mine in a lobby, get awards from the craft, play exciting mini-games. Create your own tribe, make a personal fort and compete with different maps on the day and night on your mobile device.
This is a pocket edition for mobile devices. Now you have the right opportunity to fight with your friends, classmates and colleagues or anyone else around the world! You can create and customize your character using a special skin maker and then show it on the battlefield! This is a great pocket FPS shooter for all types of players!

Amazing Features of the Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Game


Deathmatch mode advantage:
• Worldwide and Local
• Unique map of different sizes and sizes.
• If you want to crush someone with a knife, then from Magic Bow, Combat M16 Rifle, •Golden Desert Eagle and Lightsbear, from simple weapons to various weapons
• up to 8 players
• Now chat is available! Talk to friends in war!
• Challenging and exciting experience that can really attract you!


Show your skills and become the last survivor! Battle Royale mode presents you with large scale battlefields filled with rich loot and never ending action. In this madness with dozens of players feel free to see everyone in the fire!


Cooperative Mode Features:
• Up to 4 players in one game.
• Chat is also available!
• 8 special maps.
• Hardcore gameplay.
• Coins as prizes for top results.


In this story mode your character is “face-to-face” with a crowd of corpses attacking from all sides. Police and robbers, many enemies of Nurse and SWAT members! You have to wipe them out otherwise you are ruined!
Your only job to kill your monsters is not easy. Do not grow the seeds of fear in your head. If you avoid all attacks of the dead, then you will face an Evil Zombi boss in this mod. After making her mincemeat, you open the portal to the next battlefields! Start your competition.
New cool features in campaign mode:
• A new training camp for the first timer.
• More detailed graphics.
• New cool maps like seeds full of seeds.
• Cool new songs
• More challenging gameplay: Now you are not able to go through the enemies and various people. Watch out for narrow passages and lanes! There you have no chance of survival!
Make up your mind about the gun (though you may prefer a bow or a knife) and polish your killing skills! Perform at your best and share your high score on Facebook and Twitter!

Key Features of Campaign Mode:

• Wide choice of weapons such as weapons, heavy machine guns, AK47, MP3, and many others.
• Lots of completely different maps
• Many types of zombies and enemies
• Excellent HD pixel graphics with dynamic light.
• Sleeping sound effects and songs. Use headphones for maximum fun!
• Cool fun at the age of PC FPS shooters.


Now you can make your own skin and use it in multiplayer game!
Thank you for all the comments and advice, we really appreciate it. In this version we tried to fulfill your wishes. Wait for the next update with new cool features!

WHAT’S NEW in Recent Update

We have a small update with some very important improvements. Here’s a look at what’s here:
– Made module modification system more comprehensive and accessible;
– Improved “Impressions” mode and implemented improvements;
– made legendary weapons more receivable;
And besides, we’ve customized the game to make the game more convenient for everyone.

Download Links⬇️

Pixel Gun 3d Mod
We’ve got tons of new and juicy things here for you:
– is the new. Face the ancient PG with lots of magic and miracles;
– Crazy cool fight and weapon mechanics;
– Guns Skins. Yes. You’ve read it right. Choose, swap, enjoy!
– “Efficiency” is back. Better weapon upgrade system is also here;
– Armed Arsenal Counting all the useful changes in “Arsenal” will really take a lot of time – better testing than yourself
– See what matched. Low-level players should not face strong rivals. Period.
The mid year is going all out and we have a huge amount of new things:
– another late spring Battle Pass, a lottery for experience searchers and an occasion with Mr. Organic product;
– More skins for your preferred guns;
– Gallery of guns. Assemble accumulations, get rewards and test weapons at the polygon;
– Task book with a huge amount of cool prizes;
– Multi-account, which enables you to make up to three characters;
– Auto-shooting and pointing help;
– Added checkpoints in assaults, fixed numerous bugs and included considerably more upgrades.
Back to the 80s in the 16.7.1 update:
– Battle pass. Pixels, arcades, lobby items, amazing guns and a new exoskeleton attached
– A breathtaking event, soaked in blinding neon lights and electric sounds. Be careful, retro-wave is addictive
– Fighting or shooter? In the new lottery you’ll find items for the enthusiasts of both
– A completely new tournament format. Compete and receive amazing rewards.
– Module system changes
– Bug fixes
Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Mod Apk

User Review About Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Mod Apk

1st User-:   Loved it before it was pay-to-win. I used to play this game when I was younger and I ABSOLUTELY loved it. I redownload it recently and enjoyed playing when I was a level one (no one had payed for OP weapons) then I leveled up and I couldn’t stand my team being put against a team that had bought all their weapons (with their real-life money). A few times I was with a team that paid to win and I got no kills because they were marked as assists. I also hate the hackers of this game.
2nd User-:   So this is a type of game, you must pay for coins and gems to play. Guns and other weapons are expensive but the income is greatly low. So we must buy in order to get our hands on cool guns. BUT IT IS THE BEST GAME IN APP STORE. I would consider all stars if the developers increase the daily coin and gems income and reduce the cost of weapons. Its a game for kids, so the concept of paying should not be included and if it is, it should be affordable. More gadgets, we want more gadgets.
3rd User-:   I love this game. It is clearly laid out with many gamemodes and ways to play. There are so many different strategies and so many different weapons which means you are always having an enjoyable experience. I personally am on Adament League and all the hard work I have put into getting there. I also really like the fact that you can get very good at the game without spending any money. Thank you! (◕ᴗ◕✿)

How to Install Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Mod Apk

If you have already installed the Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Apk from the Google Play Store, then you do not need to download  OBB  file for installing  Mod Apk of Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition .

Follow this Step-:  If you have Game Obb Data and Apk

1)  First you have to open your phone’s File Manager and go to the given path :  File-manager/Android/data/  And search the  com.pixel.gun3d  folder and rename the folder name to  com.pixel.gun3d -Mod . (If you do not do this then your game’s Data will be deleted)
2)  Once you’ve changed the Folder Name, you can uninstall the Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Apk and download and install Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition  (Hacked)  apk from
3)  When your game is installed, you can go to Path:  File-Manager/Android/obb/  and rename Folder Name ” com.pixel.gun3d -Mod ” to ” com.pixel.gun3d ”.
4)   Next open your game and enjoy.

Follow this Step-:  if you do not have Game Data file and mod Apk

1)  If Game was not already installed in your Phone, then you should download Data File and Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition mod apk from Download button below.
2)  After the Data File and Mod Apk downloaded, Simply Extract the Data zip File in  Phone internal memory/Android/obb/  folder.
3)  Next you have to install Mod Pixel Gun 3D Pocket Edition Apk. after installing the game simply launch and enjoy.

Features of Mod Apk:

v1 Updated 🔥
- ONLINE Fixed                                                                     
- Unlimited Gems - Unlimited Coins

How To Install ?

Well, the installation guide that we are going to share next is really very easy. Therefore, if you have an Android smartphone. You need to follow the simple steps. However, be sure to read the entire procedure step by step to avoid errors, if any.

STEP #1 : At first, You must uninstall any previous version of Hack / Mod from your Phones. Then you need to download the latest Mod Apk file from the download section.

STEP #2 : Make sure that third-party applications are allowed on your device before installation. You can do this by going to Settings> Security> and checking Unknown sources so that your phone can install applications from third party sources.

STEP #3 : Locate the Latest Garena Free Fire Apk and then open it. Simply give all the necessary permissions and install it on your device.

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